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LEGO Derby

About the Derby

Welcome to our first annual Lego Derby! Our Troop is excited to meet you and race against you. Our goal is to make new friends and have fun building and racing Lego Cars with our new friends. If you are interested, please sign up below by Tuesday, May 4th.

Time: Saturday, May 22, 4-6pm
Location: Woodland West Church of Christ (Gym, East Side) 3101 W. Park Row Dr, Arlington, TX

Depending upon the number of Girl Scouts who RSVP, we may have to sub-divide entries into time slots to accomodate social distancing. If this occurs, we will communicate your scheduled time in advance of the race.

Cost $10 per Girl Scout. Each scout will receive a pre-weighted Lego Derby Car Base and a fun patch celebrating this event. We ask that you bring our own Legos and mini figures to finish creating your Lego car.

Can’t wait to see you there!
Troop 1610 & Co-Leaders Megan King and Alanna Jones


Rules of the Road

These rules are similar to those found in most other derby races. If you have ever participated in a pinewood derby or LEGO derby race before, you already have a good idea of what is goiing on.

1. Cars should be made by Girl Scouts in the current year.

The final assembly for all cars will be performed on-site using the kit provided.

Girls should come with their own LEGOs and minifigures (if desired).

Cars can be partially assembled ahead of time. The size of the base plate is 6x16.

2. Max width is 3 inches.

This includes all parts, including decorations.

Note, that cars should have a flat nose, so that they can rest behind the starting post. Cars with a pointed nose may find it difficult to sit behind the starting gate, and will be at a disadvantage when driving over the finish line sensor.

3. Max length is 7 inches.

This includes all parts, including decorations.

4. Max weight is 5 ounces.

This includes all parts, including decorations.

You can use any kinds of weights as long as they are firmly attached to the car.

Cars will be weighed using a digital scale with 1/20oz accuracy and calibrated using a 5oz reference weight, but any digital scale or postage scale should yield reasonably accurate results. Come to check in prepared to tweak your car’s weight, if required. (The check-in scale is the final authority on car weight, no matter what your scale at home says.)

The following items will be provided to Scouts at check-in:

  • 2.2oz Wheel Kit
  • 0.45oz 6x16 Nib Car Base


Therefore, Scouts have approximately 2.35oz to build with.

5. The car must have 3/8 inches clearance underneath the body.

This clearance is required to accomodate the finish line sensors which protrude slightly from the bottom of the track. This will not be a problem as long as no pieces are attached below the lowest point of the wheek kit.

5. The provided Wheel Kit and Car Base must be used.

Wheels may not be cut, drilled, beveled, or rounded. No tools will be provided on-site, nor will there be time for such modifications.

Minor imperfections or seams on the plastic wheels may be sanded down, if the Scout brings her own sand paper to do so. (Keep in mind, there will be limited time for car-building!)

All four wheels must be attached to the car.

6. Wheel bearings, washers, brushing, springs, liquid lubricant, loose materials (such a lead shot), and “starting devices” are prohibited.

The recommended lubricant is graphite powder. No graphite powder will be provided, so if a Scouts wants to use it on her axles, she should bring some.

The Track

The starting block for our track looks like this:

SuperTrack Start